Helpful Shopping Tips When Looking For Vintage Persian Rugs!

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It’s no secret how persian rugs are some of the most popular area rugs found anywhere in the world, because this has been the case literally for centuries. No other rug style has ever come close to matching the unique aesthetics and high-quality construction as Persian rugs, and today in 2023, Persian rugs are still the most highly coveted style amongst online rug shoppers.

So if you’re currently looking to purchase a vintage Persian rug for your home, keep the following shopping tips in mind to make your online search a lot more worthwhile!

Be Sure To Check Out The Back Of The Area Rug

A lot of people are shopping for Persian rugs online these days, and this can come with its pros and cons. On one hand you’ll have the convenience of shopping for Persian rugs without even leaving your home, and on the other hand you’ll possibly miss some important details (particularly with used options).

So if you’re falling in love with a specific online rug item, be sure to reach out to the merchant directly and ask for more specific pictures. You should specifically ask to see pictures of the rug’s backside if it’s not available online, because this will give you a more in-depth look at the Persian rug’s overall durability.

The Persian Rug’s Front Side Is Important, Too!

Of course the backside of any area rug is merely a subsidiary concern to the rug’s frontside design and overall integrity. Be sure to check the front of the rug for uneven wearing, because you’ll ideally want to purchase a vintage area rug that has an even wearing without any patches.

Verify The Rug’s Patina

All antique area rugs should feature a beautiful patina, which means the wool’s lanolin has faded beautifully over the years. This type of silky sheen is one reason why rug shoppers love antique Persian rugs, so be sure you’re getting a rug with a beautiful patina when you’re on the hunt for vintage area rugs!

Carefully Examine The Rug’s Fringes

Most antique rugs will start to wear down or deteriorate around the edges and fringes, so it’s important for rug shoppers to carefully examine these areas prior to buying. No one wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a vintage area rug to only find out that it’s not going to last very long, and unraveled fringes are a common cause of rug deterioration.

There are plenty of rug outlets out there that’ll use shady tricks to hide an antique rug’s fringe issues, so this is a particularly important part of the rug shopping process that no one should neglect!

Check Out The Persian Rug’s Colors & Design Themes

A vintage rug’s colors should speak volumes to you personally, because you’re going to be the one looking at your new purchase the most out of anyone else!

Most Persian rugs are made from all-natural dyes, which subsequently make the rug’s aesthetics incredibly beautiful. And what’s great about Persian rug shopping is that you’re going to be specifically looking for options that were handmade from expert artisans. This means that every Persian rug is 100% unique, and many of them will tell a specific cultural story as well.

Listen To The Rug’s Foundational Sounds

Another good tip to keep in mind while shopping for vintage Persian rugs is to actually shake and bend the rug prior to purchasing it. When you do this technique, you’ll want to listen closely for any crackling sounds, because crackling is a red flag that the used rug’s foundation has become damaged.

It’s possible that the rug is crackling due to water damages, so this is a necessary step to avoid any scams.

Verify That The Rug Sits Flat On Floors

Another big tip to keep in mind is that a vintage Persian rug should rest perfectly flat on the floor, and this can sometimes be tough to check when you’re shopping online. This may mean that you’ll need to ask an online vendor to show you pictures of the rug resting on a floor at the right angles, because it’s never worth purchasing a rug with ripples that are likely permanent!

Contact The Rug Source Experts To Learn More Shopping Tips When You Want Vintage Persian Rugs!

There are plenty of shopping concerns that people should keep in mind while on the hunt for vintage Persian rugs, and the above tips are a great place to start when you’re concerned about specific for-sale items.

You can learn more shopping tips by going through the link to the Rug Source website, where their esteemed industry specialists will be more than happy to guide you through their massive selection of vintage Persian rugs!

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