Places You Probably Forget to Clean in Your House

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Cleaning is a tiresome chore and every day most people do it since there’s no other option. However, most people don’t do a great job at cleaning their homes and miss out on a lot of spots. If you’re the same, you can search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to clean your home. Let’s check out common places you probably forget to clean in your house.

The Places 

  1. Underside of furniture – When you clean your couch, bed, armchair, or cabinets, you may find a lot of dust and dirt rolling around. Fortunately, most of that can be cleaned with a mop or a vacuum cleaner and you go about your day. You may even go the extra mile and completely cover the floor under the furniture piece. However, have you ever thought about the underside of the furniture?

While the dust settles on top of things, it can stick to the underside of the furniture as well. Get a mirror and take a peek at the underside of the furniture. It’s probably full of dust, cobwebs, and a lot more things you didn’t expect. You’d be lucky or extremely brave to not get grossed out. Fortunately, cleaning that isn’t too difficult. You can use your vacuum’s extendable hose or a dusting wand to clean that area.

  1. Baseboards and walls – Grime and dust aren’t just exclusive to the underside of the furniture. They can also stick to walls, baseboards, and other horizontal or vertical surfaces. Fully open the curtains and turn on the lights at full brightness. You’ll be surprised to find furry walls. Expect even more dust if you have textured wallpaper.

To clean the dust, start from the top and work your way down with a duster. Make sure to trap as many dust particles as you can so that you can get away with a light mop for the fallen dust on the floor. Finish it off by cleaning marks and body marks left on light switches, handles, and doorknobs.

After you’ve cleaned the walls, pay attention to your baseboards. Tiny ledges on those places can collect an astonishing amount of dust. When you move to the bathroom or kitchen dusting isn’t going to be enough due to the high humidity in those rooms. You’ll need to wipe down the baseboards with a damp cloth since the dust mixed with the moisture would be stuck to the surface. 

  1. Top of doors, cabinets, and picture frames – While you’re cleaning your home take a look at the top surfaces. Dust falls from the top to bottom and that means all the horizontal surfaces would collect a lot of it. When you clean your home, you probably ignore those high places since they are out of your line of sight. That means it’s time to check the top of kitchen cabinets, door frames, ceiling corners, and picture frames.

While you’re on the ladder or stool cleaning those high-up surfaces, inspect the ceiling fans and light fixtures. If you don’t have a tall ladder, use a disposable duster that has an extendable handle. They are great for capturing and trapping dust and grime. If you don’t have that tool, you can make a long duster by securing a microfiber cloth to the end of a mop handle with a rubber band.

  1. Closet floors – Closets can get dirty over time and the visible signs are enough to make you clean them when necessary. The clothes pile up and if they are on the higher shelves, they fall on you as soon as you open the closet door. However, have you actually cleaned the inside of the closet? This includes everything from closet walls, and accessories to hanger bars and closet floors.

If you have carpeted closet floors, they can get dirty pretty quickly due to the dirt stuck to your shoes. That dirt contains all kinds of organic matter including bacteria and other microorganisms. Those microorganisms get the perfect breeding ground in your closet’s damp carpet and grow mildew and mold. This problem gets worsened if that invites carpet beetles and they start chewing at your clothes.

That’s why it’s very important to clean out the closet once in a while. Try to clean the closet at least once every season. Take out all the clothes from your closet and thoroughly clean that space. It also gives you an opportunity to figure out the items you don’t need. You can donate all those clothes to charity and make room for new clothes.

  1. Vents and air filters – Any home that has a central climate control system has a duct network that connects all the living spaces to the heating and cooling solutions. The treated cold or hot air travels through the ducts, exits the vent, and then recirculates back to the air-handling system. If the air that comes back isn’t filtered out to trap the pollen and dust, they will make your living spaces dirtier when they travel back.

That’s why your HVAC system has all kinds of filters to combat this problem. From cheap mesh to expensive HEPA filters Either way you need to clean or replace all those filters once in a while to keep them efficient. When the filters run their course and you replace them, use this opportunity to clean out the vent grates. This way you’ll have less dust on your furniture, floors, and clothes and also have improved air quality. This brings many indirect benefits as well. You’ll be less likely to develop respiratory issues and you’ll spend less time dusting everything. Make sure to not miss out on single window unit filters either.


Cleaning isn’t a fun chore unless you’re getting paid for it and takes a lot of time. Most people don’t have that kind of time on their hands and that’s why it’s best to leave it to the pros. You can do the same and hire professionals for the job by searching for “home cleaning services near me”.

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